Birds Eyes (Glass)

I am carving a woodcock on the back of the stick. The first thing is to mark the eyes with pen or pencil, it is easier to correct mistakes at this point rather than when the holes are drilled.

As the Woodcocks eyes are at the top of the head it is easy  to ensure you have got them correctly positioned. You must examine them from all angles

Next select the eyes, these can be obtained from taxidermy suppliers, the eye should  be in proportion to the bird and of the right colour. This was an eye on wire so I drilled a small hole and inserted the wire to get the correct position.

By drilling the small wire hole it provides a positioning point for drilling the eye hole. Choose a drill that is slightly larger than the eye as you want the eye to be inserted into the hole.

The reason for drilling the hole larger now becomes apparent, as the putty squeezes out and forms the eyelids of the eyes. This can be trimmed with a cocktail stick  Using this method you can present a realistic bird.  Use plenty of reference photos from different sources to help you get size, colour and positioning right.  Finally  finish all the sanding and wire wool work around the eye before inserting it.

Again this photo shows the correct positioning of the eyes, I cannot emphasis enough  that it is important to get the eyes marked out before you start drilling.


Take a small amount of epoxy putty, and fill the eye holes. This is two part similar to the epoxy glue and needs to be mixed and has to be used before it goes off.

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